Hi! Roman here. I am the founder and leader of Rundax team. On June 22, 2018, I became a part of Minter community in Telegram. Then the first questions popped up – and so did the first experience of setting up a node on Amazon AWS… Learning of the new network concept and testing, testing, testing… At that time I was working full-time as an employee, combining the responsibilities of PM and iOS developer in another blockchain-startup, where we started our own crypto bank with web and mobile clients, explorer, web wallet and an exchanger. By the way, both us and Minter team at the same time integrated Telegram Passport into our KYC procedure system for Minexcoin blockchain banking cards (read the article in our official blog in Telegram).

In August 2018 I went to crypto-BBQ in Moscow to meet Minter team, where I also met Alexey, leader of Monster Node, and Ilya from Minter Store. In September I left the company I was getting salary at. I found a British iOS project and worked remotely, continuing to investigate the network and test my own validator. A little bit later I invited Andrew into the project. Together, we started automatizing the processes in order to transfer our validator into mainnet. In the beginning it, was just a dream to me…

Finally, we planned Minter mainnet release in May. At the same time, I had to submit the British project. Yeah, it was fun… On my birthday, the second day after the network release we got the first slash. Unforgettable present. How it all happened: after updating the node and waiting for it to start we did not expect any problems, as we had already done it millions of times in testnet. And… And in 13:00, the first minutes, validator did not «see» its sentry nodes. Unfortunately, we did not manage to react in time. This was enough to skip 12 blocks. Conclusions were made, and we wanted to complete the automatic validator shutdown system and integrate it into our system. On May 19 I was in town for business and went down to subway (in Kyiv subway internet connection is not constant), and as soon as I get out of the subway – here comes another surprise. I thought this was it. The second slash in a row. We had already completed automatic shutdown system and it was testing in testnet. Unfortunately, it was not integrated into the mainnet in time. This time we got file system error on the validator server. The node code complained that there was not enough space on the disk. But! We have our own server with tons of disk space, where there is nothing except node-validator. I still do not get how it could happen. For a couple of hours, we studied the problem and its causes with the whole validator community and never found a certain reason.

Also, I guess my other mistake was choosing English as an official Rundax language. I thought of it as of a specific feature. However, the community in its majority uses Russian for communication. Reading information in a foreign language made people put extra effort into it, which nobody wanted.

And the third fail of ours was the absence of any marketing activity. We are still fighting its consequences.

People do not often talk about their mistakes. But I wanted to highlight these moments in order to remind myself and caution others.

What we have right now

Now, I have quit my job, finished all of iOS projects and work only upon Rundax tasks. We have a team of 4 people. Andrew and I are engaged in everything connected with Minter. Andrew is responsible for the technical part. I do management, finances and sometimes development. 2 more team members – Dmitry and Vladimir – develop a server multi-blockchain app.

Validator and sentry nodes on dedicated servers in different European countries. Our own automatic system of validator shutdown in case of a skip. Automatic system of new nodes’ raising. Monitoring and notification system. Various layers of server cluster protection system. Rundax has exchanged sentry nodes with other reliable validators to provide smooth work of the network. We have 17% of our own stake. Also, together with the partners, we work on new Minter-based projects. We develop a server multi-blockchain product with partners in Latvia. For now, it is all I can tell.

Currently, we are the only validator team in Ukraine. We have gathered a local Ukrainian community and held the first meet up in Kyiv. Thanks to Eugeny Gordeev for the trust and possibility to participate in something that really matters.

Come decentralize the network with us!

Stay in touch and come to blockchain conference on September 20. I am happy to invite there every single reader. You can use a 20% discount on any ticket. All you have to do is enter RUNDAX promo code when purchasing.

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