My name is Roman and with this article, we open the blog of our company. Today I share how we can be useful to society.

Key competencies for July 2019:

  • Web application development
  • Development of services based on different blockchains
  • Deployment and support (d) POS blockchain clusters
  • Mobile app development

Core team:

  • Roman Slysh - ideological inspirer and founder. Over 8 years of experience in IT.
  • Andrey Cherny - head of the technical department. Vast experience in the development and support of high-load applications.
  • Evgeny Bondarev - senior mobile developer for iOS and iPadOS.
  • Dmitry Ivanenko - senior backend developer.
  • Vladimir Bobrik - senior backend developer.


The main project of our company is the decentralization of the Minter network. We keep a cluster of nodes on dedicated servers our masternode validator. Also in this direction we are preparing a number of innovations that will popularize the Minter platform. Anyone can delegate to us any coins in the Minter network and receive a profit from mining. More details can be found here.

Also, at the moment we are also engaged in outsourcing development, including work with various blockchain projects. This includes a lightweight wallet, explorer, network transaction monitoring system.

We just released a free application that allows you to keep your schedule of spiritual practice (Sadhana). The app synchronizes data with the cloud and works offline.
What else are we doing? I will definitely share this when we complete our ideas to reality.

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